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Dele is a proto-language for Arda created by Aidan Grey.


Case endings

Fire Water Earth
sg pl sg pl sg pl
nom +zero -I: -E -I -E: +A
acc -E:N -YEN +EN -YAN -AN +A
dat -E:S -YES +ES -YAS -AS +AS
gen -N +IN +EN +IN +NA -ANA
voc +O -YO +A -YA -A +A
ine -NA: -I:NA -NA +INA -ANA -ENA
abe -LE -LI: -LA -LI -ELA -ALA
loc -SE -SI: -SE -SI -AS -ASA
ill -MA: -MI: -MA -MI -AMA -AMA:
abl -O:S -YO:S +S -YAS +AS +ASA
all -E:R -YA:R +ER -YAR -AR -ARA
trans +AM -YAM +M -YAM -AM -AMA
com +AS -YAS +S -YAS -AS +SA:
ins -QO: +IQO -QA +IQA +QA -AQA:

This is the 'easy-fied' table of declensions. The minus "-" before a suffix indicates it replaces the final stem vowel, while the plus "+" indicates the vowel remains.

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