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Brief History

The Dalcurian script (Dalscript in English or Dal'qöristræÞ in Dalcurian) was brought into use around 560AD. This was a reform brought about by the then King Curan I, after he decreed that the current Thaduracian writing system, which had been based on the old Etruscan alphabet, was becoming too ambiguous to use with the quickly changeing language.

Thaduracian script had originally been used to write the old language when it was a syllabary, and although the language had undergone significant changes, the old writing system had still been used. This however, had lost its phonetic value, something which Curan was keen to bring back. He didn't want to adapt Thaduracian, rather move into Latinization to keep in line with his 'European favour', but this brought about much opposition from the provincial councils, and since the provinces had a fair degree of autonomy, this was something that Curan couldn't enforce without a majority vote. It was eventually agreed that an alphabet would be drafted 'based' on the Latin alphabet, so as to retain some individuality for the nation.

Although Dalscript was eventually replaced by a Latin variant in the early 19th Century, its form remained virtually unaltered throughout its 900 years in use. The only change that was made was in the 15th Century, when the isolated character value reform was brought in, again due to the evolution of the language.

Noteable Features

  • There are 30 standard alphabet glyphs. There is an uppercase system, except for the characters denoting x, Þ and z.
  • Direction is left to right in horizontal lines
  • noun/adjective/(some) verb endings, plural and some conjunctions are all represented by a single glyph
  • all prepositions are represented by the alphabet and affix glyphs in isolation
  • personal pronouns in the nominative and accusative are also represented by exisiting or altered glyphs, again when used in isolation



Dalscript alphabet.gif

Isolated Character Values

Dalscript isolated values.gif

Affix and Pronoun representatives

Dalscript affix and pronoun characters.gif