Conlang Relay 23/Ring 2 Final

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mailefei kalistomatudai rkadeivho

aivunami kaito anumkai kalistomatei melarkaifik kailefik fintu. duranerosnim mkashansash rkadeinta longo zufhiraraza muk kalistomatei. rkadish shav sudai kalong muk mkashansa fer surk shan gkadeilinta vheso muk si. rkadish shav ingo muk si fer gotkish shav ungorelo muk si. kailish shav kalkarfermatasnish vheso si gurk.

fot! zhuraish rkadeinta ingo mer! sharkanish morantudai kalongasniraza mkashansasam kaligkasnish nguvasnish eili fusenasnish vhino si. vhineisami kalsai'asniraza si sish muneikaligerkalkarferasho fhu ot.


The story of the powerthirsty war leader

Long ago in spring there dwelt a war leader near a river in a northern land. One sunflight the general curiously ate a powerful drug. The drug poisoned his mind and threw strange ideas at him. He had great power and a single enormous wish. He threw himself the idea of conquering and ruling many lands.

Listen up! Be brave! They fail to understand that they don't need to fight because this drug has poisoned their minds. While that is so, because they are agressors, we will attack them, defeat them, and stop them.

Cultural Notes

The terminology for ideas is pretty much identical to the terminology for projectile weapons.

"Be brave!" is literally "have a strong bellybutton!", since the bellybuttons are the source of courage.