Conlang Relay 18/Kerno

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Kerno Text

moveus•si dinew il iox po lê llas. chargeoasot ce jowkows lâ ncunièn rescrivès ac geoueylis sa ymb•en nevoel di fummes goueancheise e dirummuse. cazus sa, ascazès in•yen qarnoue po 'l eyseornodor l' orthigoel. ilaci ysteta ce daonea l' opes, di facès fieres e quenerz, rosès sevas vyck. mas, desgeottus sa ces chascyn costudèn lê decorum; ac deponus sa lâ veila catochlenz. da•deda li jowckue di solèz yen sourre pouerilès.

Smooth English

The toy moved again on the corner. The boy had wound it up, the carved dog, and it awoke with a cloud of smoke that twisted and broke apart. It fell, toppled in a heap over by the garden gate. Nearby stood a rich lady, her face proud and arrogant, her cheeks rosy. But, she threw out all custom and sense of decorum, and took off her glimmering veil. She gave a childlike smile to the boy alone.

Literal Translation

moved-itself anew the toy along the corner. wound-it-up the boy the dog carved and awoke it amid a cloud of smoke twisted-that and broke apart-that. fell it, toppled in-a heap alongside the iron-gate the garden. there stood this lady of wealth, of face proud and arrogant, rosy her cheeks. but, away-from-threw she the every custom the decorum; and away put she the veil shimmering. to-him-gave to-the boy alone a smile childlike.