Conlang Relay 17/Neimalu

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Neimalu text

Euazar vaššimi

Atrözat, euazar ékobrigi. Euazu anar agüriði straxlöns soši diklameid. Kraftiðr zöjkaus euazež pöjörð ilpioþni ladus.

English text

Taming a horse

Once, I tried to tame a horse. The horse struggled a lot with this and it made sounds. It gave the strength of a hundred horses and it died.


agüriði – very

anu – this

-at – adverb

atrözat – once

brigos – attempt

diklamos – scream, yell

-eid – 3rd person past

ékos – drive, ride

euazu – horse

-i – first person past

ilpioþ – death

kraftiðu – power, strength

ladu – 3rd person (he, she, it)

-öns – past tense

-örð – irrealis past tense

-os – present tense

pauos – consume (pöj- before ö)

šimos – tame

soši – and

straxlos – struggle

vaš- – causative

zöjks – hundred


-a – accusative (replacing -es or -s)

-ar, -ur, -r – accusative (replacing -u)

-ež, -aež – partitive

-ni, -uni, -ani – terminative

-us, -aus – possessive


Word order: usually SOV, but the order may change for emphasis since Neimalu uses case endings to show the function of the words anyway. Singular and plural words are not indicated differently (there are group markers, but they aren't used in this text). Also, there is no definite or indefinite article.

Present, past and future tense in verbs are marked with -os, -öns and -aþ if the subject is known. Instead, a personal marker may be used (in this text -eid instead of ladu + -öns).