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A group of us have initiated a project to create and maintain a database of the world's conlangs. This database will aim to collect as many conlangs as possible in one searchable catalogue, with useful information about them. There are many wikis, forums, lists/linklists of conlangs; however there's no single resource listing as many as possible in one place. This database aims to plug that gap, and provide a service to conlangers and those interested in conlanging. Due to the number of conlangs already in existence it seems unlikely that it could be exhaustive, but it still has value and more and more as time goes on and more and more conlangs are added.

The Language Creation Society have agreed to host the database on a subdomain. We have yet to determine what software we will use or how. However the basic data entry process will be behind the scenes on the part of a team of volunteers, plus via a public input form on the website that conlangers can use to submit their own or ones they know. We also have a Google spreadsheet that people can add languages too in the short term at this location. We will aim to back up the data in a couple of places, so that problems like the loss of Langmaker do not arise.

The data fields will be of two types: identifying info like name, creator, date, page link; and typological categories, like purpose type, source type, development level, physical medium used. All of this counts as public domain and there will be no need to include copyright or private information. We are still in the process of determining the precise set of fields, which it is important to be sure of in advance as it would be a lot of work to change it after many entries have been added.

Once it's working, users will be able to search the database for different features - for instance:

  • character strings in names, to find conlangs whose names someone can only remember some of
  • sections of the total list in alphabetical order
  • all languages of a given type, or a combination of types

The database will not aim to include lots of specifics about a language's qualities; that is the province of CALS. The main purpose is to record that the language exists and gives searchers a link to its page so they can find out more.

We will accept conlangs at all stages of development, even sketchlangs, and people should not worry about how attested their languages are before sending or submitting the info. We welcome anyone interested in adding languages so please apply. We will be taking info from many different sources and compilers may focus on a source they are associated with or interested in.

The project currently has the following locations online:
Discord channel
Facebook group
Reddit forum
Planning document - website
Planning document - Google Docs

If you are interested in helping decide how it works please come along!