Common Iletheride Era

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The Common Iletheride Era or CIE (Arithide Rīgim Ōrekos ['ri:gim 'o:rəkɔs]; Dethric Aisso Vedeis ['essə və'ði:s]) is the system used in modern-day Ilethes to number successive years, and is analogous to the Earthling Common Era. The CIE takes reference to the Great Earthquake of more than 2,000 years ago.

The idea of a Common Era, i.e. an international, common system to number years in sequence, as opposed to esoteric and idiosyncratic national systems, was first mooted in what is now known as 1945 CIE, at an international trade summit among whose aims was a vision to standardise international systems of measurement, so as to promote cross-border trade, travel and employment. While other aims, such as a global currency, failed to gain traction, harmonising calendars appealed favourably to world leaders, and by 1947 CIE the Treaty of Louvessier was signed, establishing the Common Era and backdating 1 CIE to the year of the Great Earthquake.

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