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The term Classical Arithide poetry can serve as either a catch-all term for all poetry written in the Classical Arithide language, or as a more specific referent denoting only the later, more polished, stylised verse of Daldaian the Younger et secuutus. Almost the entire corpus of what is considered by academia "Classical Arithide poetry" was written in the 600 years from the middle Aphoiros to the late Equora dynasties (see Lazeian Empire for information on the dynasties).

Earlier Classical Arithide poetry

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Later Classical Arithide poetry

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The later poetry of the Lazeian Empire was characterised by the development of more regular, more stress-based meters and the shift away from the tendency of the earlier poets to natural imagery to more abstract sorts, and a new willingness to engage in previously avoided subjects such as deprivation, death, eroticism and politics. This shift paralleled a sudden jump in the availability of education, owing to an increasingly affluent society and a rising middle class, which was the first of its kind in documented history.

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