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Timeline/Universe Kadicken (← is in english)
Period 0784KN-????VC
Spoken in Cimren & Pren
Total speakers  ????
Writing system Alphebet
Classification Ramesh
Basic word order SVO
Morphology Agglutinating
Alignment Accusative alignment
Created by nanoleopard201
[ edit ]

Cipren is a language spoken in Cimren and Pren. Its morphological type is Agglutinating and it's basic word order is, like English, SVO.


A E I O B C G M P R S En Sh

(unfortunately, i cant do the symbols...)

Letter Pronunciation

A- as in the 'a' in 'fame' | E- as in the first 'e' in 'never' | I- as in the the 'i' in 'like' | O- as in the 'o' in obelisk B- as in English | C- Pronounced like 'ch' |G- as in English | M- as in English | P- as in English | R- the more rolling like sound and not 'er' | S- as in English | En- as in English | Sh- as in English



                 bilabial       alveolar       palatal      velar
        stops     P  B                                        G
     fricatives                   Sh S                  
       nasals      m                            
      liquids                      R?             R?

(I'm not sure where 'r' and 'C' (pronounced 'ch') goes, so if anybody knows please tell me on this pages talk-page)


                  Front        Central        Back      
      High     \                                  /
      Mid       \    a                           /
                 \    e                         /
      low         \    i                       /
                   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

( I'm not sure if this is in the right order, and if anybody knows where 'En' goes on the chart please tell me on the talk page)

Origin of Language

Cipren was a language that descended from the language Ramesh. Cimren and Pren was then separated from the main land after an huge earthquake that was way off the Richter scale happened (I'm the Richter scale because there world hasn't made a unit to measure the magnitude of earthquakes). The Cimrenesian and Prenese people's language changed a lot after it broke off the mainland. Ramesh stayed the same as it was.