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Spoken in: Kingdom of Svannland
Timeline/Universe: Saxon Defeat
Total speakers: ca. 32 million
Genealogical classification: Indo-European

  West Germanic

Basic word order: SVO (SOV in infinitive clauses; VSO in imperative clauses and contrafactual statements)
Morphological type: Fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative-Dative
Native script: Fuþark
Created by:
Sectori 2006

Sdannískar is a West Germanic language spoken in the Kingdom of Sdannland, called Kyningdómar Sdannlánder in Sdannískar. Its speakers refer to themselves as the Sdánnar.

Sdannískar was created by Sectori, derived via sound changes from Proto-Germanic, courtesy of the Proto-Germanic to West Germanic sound changes provided by Siride of the ZBB.

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