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Pages for Deletion

These articles have been marked for deletion.

When an article is marked for deletion, there is generally a six- or seven-month (ish) span of time (or so) before it gets removed.
This allows for people to state their opposition to the article's removal.
If you disagree with the marking of any particular article for deletion, simply edit the article and remove the deletion tag at the very top- it's that simple.

Flushing Day

Please note that the 15th is 'flushing day' for pages which were marked for deletion during the previous whenever.
If any of your pages are marked for deletion and you'd rather not see them go, please either delete the tag at the top of the page in question or contact bornfor.

What months are Flushing Day months?

Flushing day generally comes around once every six months- or, in lazy years, once a year. Flushing Day months are November and April/May normally.

But I want my content gone now.

Blank the page (delete all the text on it) and put a deletion tag. The content will be gone, and the page removed on the next Flushing Day.
If you're really antsy about wanting it gone, send a message to an admin and they'll generally take it off for you.

How to mark a page for deletion?

Place the {{Deletion}} template at the top of the page (make sure to fill it out with the person making the request as the first parameter, and the reason as the second parameter).

Using this code:

{{Deletion|Someguy|Some reason.}}

Will then look like this, and your page will have been marked for deletion:

Trash2.png This article has been tagged for deletion by Someguy
Reason: Some reason..

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