Cape Somorra

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Cape Somorra (Arithide Somorre Tavas [so'mœ:re 'tavɐs]) is a promontory on the eastern edge of the Chisthian Sea, located on the southern rim of the Issol A'i. The cape is best known as the location of Isphea, the old capital of the Areth Lazeian Empire, and for its unusual geography as the mouth of the Taphae-Nes river, which has eroded away most of the hard rock that used to make up the cape, leaving only the headrock, and depositing softer sediment in its place.

Like its counterpart on Marcasian coast, Cape Beytes, Somorra is well defended, both for its strategic location on the vital and lucrative strait, and for its unique position, as the site of the old imperial capital and as part of the traditional Areth cultural, political and economic heartland.