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The endonym "Caber", written in the Caber script. The glyph cabe 'person' and the collective marker -r comprise the symbol.

The Caber script is the native logography used for writing Common Caber and several of its descendants, as well as some of the eastern Ban De languages.


Caber logograms generally fit into a square space and, in their "default" form, are very angular and stylized, favoring sharp angles and straight lines while not featuring curves at all.

Notably, the negative glyph Gneg20.png is written before the word(s) it negates, even though in the syntax it often follows its argument. Several descendant languages have fronted the negative word so that it appears in a position concomitant with its glyph in the written language; it has been theorized that the logographic convention influenced this.

Descendant scripts