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Conlang Extended X-SAMPA

CXS (an acronym standing for CONLANG eXtended SAMPA (SAMPA= Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet), where CONLANG in turn stands for the Conlang Mailing List) is an unofficial extension of the Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA) that is used by members of the Conlang Mailing List with the intention of improving the system for use in language construction.

The main differences between the transcription systems are:

Phone, diacritic or
Close central unrounded vowel ɨ 1 i\ Original X-SAMPA symbol is also in use
Close central rounded vowel ʉ } u\
Open front rounded vowel ɶ & &\
Near-open front unrounded vowel æ { & Same transcription as in the Kirshenbaum system
Palatalization ʲ '  ;
Primary stress ˈ " ' or "
Secondary stress ˌ  % , or %
Tie bar (example) g͡b g_b gb)

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