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Conjunctives-prepositions consist of two letters like some adjective groups but as VC. Logical groupings have been built systematically, such as conjunction particals (and, or, then, so… ), particals for subordinate clauses (so that, even if, unless etc.) and prepositions. For example, the end consonant “s” points out to the locational prepositions, like in, at, on, out, under, above, behind etc. with the vowel varying from “a” to “ü”. C* and V* indicate varying consonants and vowels respectively.


Coordinating Subordinating Correlative Interrogative
Conjunct. Subclause Conjunct. Conjunct.
_y, k, p, r: C* _f, l, m:C*
V*n V*f V*t
i and af even if ün…en (ün) either...or at what
or or ef as if ünx..enx (ünx) neither...nor et how
ey but if if ay (adj.) as.(adjective).as it why
oy still/yet of in case that(of) ay.ehe as long as ot,,ot.iç where,to-,from-


Preposition Locational Prepos.
_ş, ç, v _s, z, y
_V*ş _V*s
at as between
yes/OK es among
for is near
no os beside