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Conjunctives-prepositions consist of two letters as CV. Logical groupings have been built systematically, such as conjunction particles (and, or, then, so… ), particles for subordinate clauses (so that, even if, unless etc.) and prepositions. For example, the consonants “p, r, s and v” point out to coordinating conjunction (like else, consequently, however, and, but) and “k, l, m and n” to the locational prepositions (like in, at, on, out, under, above, behind etc), with the vowel varying from “a” to “ü”.



Coordinating Subordinating Correlative Interrogative
Conjunct. Subclause Conjunct. as Subordinate Conjunct.
p_, r, s, v: varied vowels h_, f, d, ç, b:: varied vowels
sV* fV* tV*
sa and fa even if pe…so (pe) either...or ta what
so or as if neither...nor te where
su but fe if/in case ça/fo (adj)…ge as.(adjective).as to who
se still/yet fu unless ça / fo elo ge as long as why
pe either ha while fü.. (so)..x whether...or ..not tu when
ro however du that how



Preposition Locational Prepos.
y_, ş, g k_, l, m, n
_şV* _kV*
şa after le between
şe before among
şo for ko across
şu by ke beside