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This list is a response to the Body Parts in Your Conlangs template. It was created by a person with the username "Soap", in 2006.


No I wont. Sorry, too busy with other things .... Pabappa is definitely a back-burner project right now.

Since I have no plans to ever come back to this page, I am going to restore the old information from 2006, because it captures the same acoustic feel of modern Pabappa, even though literally every single word I used back then is gone now.

Body parts in Pabappa

Body abba, blassi, ubbalap 
-Blood vessel tamapop 
--Artery tamap 
--Vein tamap wurpap peso 
-Material of which it is composed 
--Bone pansa 
--Skin perebi 
--Muscle soppi 
--Fat blampilpim, pilpi 
--Blood tapema 
-Trunk (torso) sumpobi 
--Chest pammum 
---Heart wepse, wawa 
---Lung ebo, ebobi 
--Abdomen or Belly pia pemarapup, pemarapupi 
---Stomach pemarapupi 
---Liver pabapi 
---Spleen barrampi 
---Intestines wampupi 
--Waist pemarapupi 
-Neck pia pawa palidapa 
-Extremity palupopi, pemiabi 
--Head wibu, pawapi 
---Hair wesum 
---Ear uma, sobopi 
----Earhole umabosadepi 
---Eye pamala, wamul, oppi, pispi 
----Eyeball pamala, wamul, oppi, pispi 
-----Iris pispadapi 
-----Pupil pispaliapi 
-----Sclera no word yet 
----Eyebrow pisamblesum 
----Eyelid osinipi 
-----Eyelash opwesum (ack!! I used "eye hair" twice with two different words for eye!) 
----Eye socket opposadepi 
----Tear gland liblapampi 
---Nose tapi, wampadampi, ewepi 
----Nostril taposadepi 
---Mouth popopi 
----Jaw poposopi 
-----Maxilla (upper jaw) assa poposopi 
-----Mandible (lower jaw) palida poposopi 
----Tooth pampi (plural only), amilam, wisse 
-----Incisor no word yet 
-----Eyetooth or Canine Tooth no word yet 
-----Molar (and/or premolar?) no word yet 
----Tongue blampi 
--Limb pemia 
---Arm pemia 
----Shoulder maba 
----Elbow pemiabimbra 
----Wrist pia webes pampsam 
----Humerus (upper arm) no word yet 
----Lower Arm no word yet 
----Hand pebui, ampi, pampsam, salpo, pawam 
-----Palm purpapimpam bla pampsam pia mipalbapsa 
---Leg pampipi 
----Hip piam, perara (both plural) 
----Knee pimbra 
----Ankle pebapi bliwipi 
----Thigh (upper arm) dont you mean upper leg? 
----Shin no word yet 
----Foot aspi 
-----Sole no word yet 
-----Ball no word yet 
--Digit (toe or thumb or finger) no word yet 
---Nail ebbi 
----Fingernail ebbi 
----Toenail ebbi warp aspi 
---Toe saweman sampi pia 
----Pollex ("Great" Toe or Big Toe) no word yet 
----Pinky toe or little toe no word yet 
----Other toes? no word yet 
---Thumb abi, abepi, pampsap abepem 
----Thumbnail arpebbi 
---Finger sempi 
----Index finger no word yet 
----Pinky finger no word yet 
----Middle finger no word yet 
----Ring finger no word yet 
--My god, how could I have left out the genitalia?!?! perpebi ("genitals") 
---female pupap, labap 
----vagina wempa, lara, rompa, arawap 
----womb rompa, pampam, mimal, topo, lolob, nipa 
---male nope, palsip, lupap 
----penis pubu, noba, nampe, pampapi, nidi, pidapi 
----testicle lespapi (plural only) 
-Side popapitabi 
--Back porpepi (usually interpreted as meaning "buttocks") 
--Front jubipi 
--Left blumperbap 
--Right porpubat 
--Bottom (lower) purpa 
--Top (upper) pimpampi 
--anus parpab 
--urethral meatus? loposadepi ("urine hole")  


buttocks: porpe, perara, puru, sal 
clitoris: pubi 
urine: lop, ibbi, wapom, soba, sopa, pupi, pupu 
feces: wa, wam, wapsa, wawa, pilpabi, popop, porpobbum, pepabi, sepabi 

Why more than one word?

The ones separated by commas are synonyms. In some cases, there are synonyms because Pabappa was spoken for a long time over a large area, and since much of its vocabulary was created by loaning from aboriginal languages, even body parts could be called something different from one place to the other. Also, some words are just variations of each other; e.g. blampilpim and pilpi are both from the same root. And in the case of the genitals, there are a lot of slang words as well. Some of them probably have slightly different uses, but I haven't thought about it deeply yet.

No word for thigh yet, other than if I wanted to make a phrase that just means "upper behind leg", but I might think of something better eventually. Is this all going to a database somewhere or are you just curious?