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File:Ri.jpgFile:Pa.jpg pronounced "re'pa" Means "Did you see it?"

Base Information

Created in 2006 to present day (2008-2009). This language uses aproxamently 110 letters and symbols and is very easy to learn type read and speak. ( Although it is kind of hard to hand write ) This language also shows a lack of grammar related rules and other basics like capitalization. Most words are not over 3 letters long. These things make the language fairly unique. It has over 950 defined words online as of 1/11/2008. dd/mm/yyyy ( a priori language ) My references are the below many links: (links at bottom of page)


Main article: Numbers in azjherben

The numbers in Azjherben form 0 to 10 ( zero to ten ) are as follows:

English Azjherben (With latin characters)
one unize
two dunize
three threze
four queize
five cheze
six sais
seven seze
eight nize
nine coze
ten geize
  • This is pronunciation only not written fashion... keep reading for details.

Higher Numbers

Main article: Numbers in azjherben

A few higher numbers are in the table below:

English Azjherben (With latin characters)
ten vaunize
twenty vadunize
thirty vathreze
forty vaqueize
fifty vathrezekadunize
sixty vaqueizekadunize
seventy vaqueizekathreze
eighty vathrezekadunize
ninety vaqueizekaqueizekaunize
one hundred geizekr
one hundred and ten geizker unizeva
  • This is pronunciation only not written fashion... keep reading for details.



other letters will come to this pagfe soon


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There are not words such as the or an in this language as to save space and time for the writer/reader. Sentence structure varys from sentence to sentence depending on it's condidtions and many small gramatical things such as capatlaziton and punction for the most part have been removed complety to make it faster to use and easier to learn.

Sentence Structure

The verb To Be

The verb to be has been generalized into one word: Gragen Spelt with 4 Azjherbenix letters and means all forms of to be. Furture present and past for all people. Even groups such as they we and even pronouns and groupings not in English.

It is used in a different way than just the word am or are is in english. The sentence ( for example ) I want to eat an apple has to be in it. It sounds like this. (it is written of course, with Azjherbenix symbol characters ) On'gragen zou asple-jou.

  • On = I
  • Gragen = (to) be
  • zou = (to) want
  • asple = apple
  • -jou = a changer than changes nouns into there action and vice versa

Use of the lazh


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