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Spoken in: Elnfr
Timeline/Universe: Crondaros
Total speakers: around 700 000
Genealogical classification: Horzan
Northern Neckerln
Basic word order: SOV
Morphological type: Agglutinating
Morphosyntactic alignment: Hierarchical alignment
Created by:
Nanoleopard 201

Avrlun is a language from Elnfr (pronounced: Eh-lin-ver) in the northern Edr (Ee-der) plains.


900 years ago, the Desôntr moved from the mountains of Vedrkn to the Edr plains were they were isolated from the outside by forests or mountains so nobody went out or in so the Desôntr language (Desntây) eventually evolved to Avrlûn.


there were originally one language, Avrlûn which then split (Northern and Southern) and merged together again which added to a greater Variaty of words.

The Foreign Influence

A Forcrzéb Explorer 'discovered' the Edr plains and changed their religion but with religion he also changed some Avrlûn words to Forcrzébian such as êson to ôvrâd.

Avrlun Lexicon