Artakhshandan Empire

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The Artakhshandan Empire was an empire that ruled over much of western Aghantia between the years 120 BI and 346 AI.

A map showing the Artakhshandan Empire at its peak in 47 AI


The Artakhshandans were a subgroup of the Parthavans, who lived in Parthava, a province in the north-eastern extent of the Artamashti Empire. The Artamashti Empire was at war with the Avustrean conqueror Daryamenes, who was on the verge of completely destroying the Artamashtians.

Having destroyed the Artamashtian Empire in 122 BI, Daryamenes set about consolidating his power in the north-east of the empire. However, his army was ambushed by Parthavans, and Daryamenes suffered his first military defeat. He was shot by a Parthavan arrow, and died several hours later. He left his empire to his 8 sons.

The Parthavans at this time were under the leadership of Aryane, the daughter of the Satrap of Parthava who had been killed fighting Daryamenes. She had a personal vendetta with the Daryameneans, and in 121 BI, managed to unite the 12 Parthavan clans into one nation, and invaded the Daryamenean empire.

Conquest of the Daryamenean Empire

Daryamenes had left his entire empire to his 8 sons, who were constantly bickering for control of land. After only a year's wait (during which time Aryane was mobilising her army) Daryamenes's successor states had grown tired with fighting. Their armies had been worn thin and their treasuries were running low. The Daryamenean kings increased taxation to pay for the war, however, this was not met kindly with the citizens. In late 120 BI, a mutiny in Ektabaktra (an eastern province) provided the conditions Aryane needed for attacking the Daryameneans. She moved into the empire, and conquered the entire land that Daryamenes had promised his oldest son, Melamenes in only 1 year 8 months. The rest of the Daryamenean Empire quickly fell in just over 12 years. This had taken Aryane to the gates of Istepuli, the last remaining Daryamenean city in Aghantia.

Battle of Istakhran

The Battle of Istakhran took place late 122 BI between Daryamenes and Aryane (when he was ambushed).

Battle of Geldimaris

The Battle of Geldimaris was the one pivotal battle in Aryane's campaign that determined the Daryameneans' future. It was fought on 22nd Khordad 119 BI, 40 miles north of Geldimaris bridge.

Battle of Istepuli