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Appleyard's Quenya is a conlang made by Anthony Appleyard on the basis of J. R. R. Tolkien's Quenya. It contains so many inventions of Appleyard's that it is best regarded as a derivative work and a conlang in itself rather than a reconstruction of Tolkien's Quenya.

Especially spurious are the following logical conjunctions entirely unattested in the Quenya corpus:

 A-ki   if A exists/is there        X iki Y    X if Y; Y implies X
 A-ke   caused by A                 X ike Y    X because Y
 A-kei  intentionally caused by A   X ikei Y   in order that X, Y
 A-ka   if and only if A exists e   X ika Y    X if and only if Y; X eqv Y
        if and only if A is there
 A-ko   causing A                   X iko Y    X therefore Y
 A-koi  intentionally causing A     X ikoi Y   X in order that Y
 A-ku   implying that A exists      X iku Y    if X then Y; X implies Y
        implying that A is there
 Plural: add `-n', e.g. `kiryakan' = "if and only if (there are) ships".

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