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Kamiya (writing) is an alphabet developed to write Amal. It is based on Semitic abjads. It is written right-to-left.

Full Alphabet

Z kam cons.png

  • kapu is the only letter to retain a final form
  • om has no full form and is written over wa when it begins or ends a word
  • qupa is used for the glottal stop, /ʔ/, but can be used for /q/ in names and toponyms

Vowel Marks

Kamiya vows 2.png

These vowel marks are used to indicate vowels within words. Note that /e/ has no mark and is the only vowel omitted when it occurs within a word.

Z shehet.png shehet kaba - /ʃɛˌɦet kabˌa/ - MED-tree be.large-3s - That tree is large.

The top example is incorrect, and notice in the bottom example, the /a/ marked on the /k/ is the only mark used. The final /a/ on kaba ends the word, and therefore is written in full form.


Kamiya ligs.png


Arabic Hebrew Syriac Kamiya
امنتي אמנתי ܐܡܢܬܝ Kamiya sample 3.png
  • amanti
I love you.
  • aryemeshilan?
Did she see me?
  • ibti korwa nai daqeshan.
/ɪbtiː koɾwa na͜ɪ daːʔɛʃan/
DAT-2s heart-ACC 1s.GEN give-PST-1s
I gave you my heart.

Kamiya sample 2 a.png

  • gidu naburhala me gunu webintakla
/giːˌdu naburˌɦala mɛː guːˌnu webɪntˌaːkla/
meal-ACC wine-COM-NEG COMP day-ACC shine.sun-COM-NEG
A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.