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The infinitive

The infinitive is a verbal noun. "to walk, walking" It has no inflection to indicate mood or tense. Amal has to suffixes to indicate the infinitive, -ek, and -ra.


  • amek - to love; affection; to be fond of; to like
past present tentative causative reflexive
1s ameshan aman amuran amedan amegan
2s ameshti amti amure amede amege
3s ameshu amu amuru amedu amegu
1p ameshuk amuk amuruk ameduk ameguk
2p ameshut amut amurut amedi amegut
3p ameshum amum amurum amedum amegum


  • hara - to be; exist (essentially or identified as)
past present tentative
1s heshan han huran
2s heshti hati hure
3s ilhesh ilha ilhura
1p heshuk haquk huruk
2p heshut haqut hurut
3p heshum haqum hurum


  • niyek - say; tell; speak; express
past present tentative
1s niyeshan
I spoke
I speak
I may (be) speak(ing)
2s niyeshti niye niyure
3s niyeshu niyu niyuru
1p niyeshuk niyuk niyuruk
2p niyeshut niyut niyurut
3p niyeshum niyum niyurum


  • xxx - xxx
past present tentative
1s xeshan xan xuran
2s xeshti xti xure
3s xesha xa xura
1p xeshuk xuk xuruk
2p xeshut xut xurut
3p xeshum xum xurum