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Aldarnic is a fictional language by Jörg Rhiemeier. The language was meant for an Elf-like conculture about which I don't really remember much, but abandoned soon. Some grammatical paradigms survive in an old notebook, they are given below.


The phonology of the language is unknown and probably was never adequately defined, but the romanization used in the notebook probably conformed to the Universal Transcription System which I used for an extended period of time.



There apparently were four declensions: consonantal, e-, a- and o-declension.

e-declension a-declension o-declension
Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl.
Nominative -0 -i -e -i -a -ai -o -oi
Genitive -a -ath -ja -eth -ja -ath -ja -oth
Dative -ai -assen -ei -essen -ai -assen -oi -ossen
Accusative -o -an -eo -en -ao -an -no -on
Locative -ka -kai -eka -ekai -aka -akai -oka -okai


  1st person 2nd person 3rd masc. 3rd fem.
Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl. Sing. Pl.
Nominative io ioi sha shai al ali il ili
Genitive ija iath shja shath ala alath ila ilath
Dative ioi iossen shai shassen alai alassen ilai ilassen
Accusative inno inon shao shan alo alan ilo ilan
Locative ioka iokai shaka shakai alka alkai ilka ilkai



Present -aj-
Past -ak-
Future -ald-


Indicative -a-
Subjunctive -e-
Optative -u-
Imperative sg. -atha
Imperative pl. -athai

Person and number of subject

  Sing. Plur.
1st person -m -mi
2nd person -t -ti
3rd person -sh -shi

Infinite forms

Infinitive -u
Active participle -an
Passive participle -on

Both participles decline according to the consonantal declension. The exact functions of the two participles are forgotten.

The perfect was expressed by active participle + shu, the passive by passive participle + shu.