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An Earth-like planet created by Avjunza, with four moons and no true continents; they're all roughly the size of Australia.


The northern continent, which has been occupied by three races of human.

Atecu: A few hundred thousand years before Homo sapiens (commonly known either simply as Humans, or Atecu by the more educated) had evolved, a group of Homonids crossed over from Mytarica during an ice age; they adapted well, and evolved into the Atecu; squat brutes that were something between a gorilla and a neanderthal, although with bigger and stronger legs. They evolved to the mountainous and highland regions, to hills and forests, where they used their impressive senses of taste and smell to track prey, their strong legs to make sudden sprints, and their strong arms to make the kill. They started making weapons, and after a few more thousand years, the Aleta arrived in Malolecta. There was a brief period where they fought each other, but after a time they began to dwell in peace, for the Atecu preferred the forests and mountains, the Aleta the plains and fields, with less trees and a more open skyline.