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Ac'talul is a fictional language by Polka Dot.


Ac'talul contains 24 consonants and 5 vowels.

The consonant inventory of Ac'talul is as follows:
/m n/ <‌m n‌>
/pʰ tʰ ʈʰ kʰ qʰ ʔ/ <‌p t th c k '‌>
/b d ɖ g ɢ/ <‌b d dh g q‌>
/ᵐb ⁿd ᶯɖ ᵑg ᶰɢ/ <‌mb nd ndh ng nq‌>
/s z/ <‌s z‌>
/j w r l/ <‌y v r l‌>

The velar and uvular consonants /kʰ, qʰ, g, ɢ, ᵑg, ᶰɢ/ are labialized [kʷʰ, qʷʰ, gʷ, ɢʷ, ᵑgʷ, ᶰɢʷ]; while the fricatives /s, z/ are palatalized [sʲ, zʲ].

The vocalic inventory of Ac'talul is as follows:
/i u e o a/ <‌i u e o a‌>

Stress and Prosody

Most words are stressed on the root syllable, some words may also be stressed on other syllables if certain affixes are added, which is particularly common in derivation. While stress is phonemic, minimal pairs are rare, and therefore stress is commonly unmarked in colloquial Ac'talul.


A syllable in Ac'talul is generally of the form CV(C)(C). That is, it must have an onset, of a single consonant; must have a nucleus of a single vowel, and may have a coda of zero to one, but occasionally two, consonants. Coda clusters must be of a glide or the alveolar lateral approximant /l/ followed by any consonant.

Phonological processes