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Basic adverbs consist of three letters in scheme of V*-ç/- ş/-l/-n/-y-V*, covering mostly used adverbs in many languages. As in English, in many other languages also adverbs have often the same spelling with the adjectives and conjunctives. For the sake of ambiguity they also will have separate three letters wordings in ABCL, if used as adverb. Also here there are separate headings for subdivision, indicated by choose of the vowels, for example first two letters “oçV*, öçV*, uçV*, üçV*, oşV*, öşV*, uşV*, üşV*” for adverbs indicate “time” and “quantity” where the third vowel varies from “a” to “ü” (* means always “varying letters” in this article). This way 56 words can be created if needed (without the use of the vowel “ı”). The middle consonant “y” denotes the “adverbs of manner” which are subdivided into four such as direction (oyV*), descriptive (öyV*) etc.


Time Quantity Manners (direction) Manners (descriptive)
oçV* oşV* oyV* öyV*
oça yet oşa more,_er oya ahead/forward öya otherwise
oçe still oşe most oye-x in(side)-out(side) öye aright
uçV* öşV*
uça immediately öşa often
uço now öşi some


Also here there are deviations in the number of basic letters while deriving adverbs from verbs, nouns and adjectives. Examples for some derivations: (The English words in italic are translated in to ABCL only

Derived from Root Verbs


ABCL suffix ABCL adverb English suffix English adverbs
_içe fag.içe help(ing)fully
_içe eh.içe _ing(ly) laughingly, knowingly

Derived from Root Adjectives


ABCL suffix ABCL adverb English suffix English adverbs
_çi fag.ado.çi (ful(ly), _(a)bly helpfully, notably, passably, incredibly, fortunately
_çi ebi.çi (ebix.çi), atö.çi _ly nicely (ugly), tensely, clearly, actively, quickly

Derived from Root Nouns


ABCL suffix ABCL adverb English suffix English adverbs
_çö pisba.çö, monba.çö _ally,_(ful)ly,
_ça süb.ça, hünbe.ça, ehe.ça a_ a.miss, away, along, ahead, apart, alone

The number of derived adverbs from the verbs and adjectives only would yield about two thousands.