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Šiāŋos, the people's religion, was the main faith in the Šiāšāv Empire. It is centered around the worship of a number of deities. Šiāŋos, like most other folk religions of Sandula, has mostly been replaced by Catholicism. A majority of the inhabitants of Savā still practice the religion primarily, but on the mainland, the religion has been almost completely abandoned.


The early history of Šiāŋos is not known, though it likely descended from the religion of the Island-Peninsular people. The first written document about the religion was a tablet dated to around 1,500 AS. It is a record of the cosmogonic myth in which Kithpa, the primordial creator of everything, creates the world and splits himself into the new gods.


The three primary deities of the religion are Ɂēŋos, Phaviŋos, and Lancaŋos. Ɂēŋos' primary domain is that of wind, and by extension souls and the afterlife. He also controls trade and, as spite against the second head, the tides. Phaviŋos' domain is that of the ocean and aquatic animals. To spite the first head, he also controls the rain. Lancaŋos' domain is that of fire and cooking. His mortal form is the sun, and he is the only of the three to have a mortal form.