Ërun Rymeth

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Ërun Rymeth
Pronounced: 'jɛrun rɪ'mɛθ
Timeline and Universe: Eraminä
Species: Human
 Rymeth Sèvayn
Spoken: Rymethus, Rymeth Empire
Morphological type: Agglutinative
Morphosyntactic alignment: Accusative
Basic word order: SOV
Creator: Anurisiya

Ërun Rymeth is a language spoken by the Rymeth Sèvayn people, of the continent of Rymethus in the land of Eraminä. The name literally means 'Tongue of the Inheritors'. It has Subject-Object-Verb ('Cow grass eat') word order, and is agglutinative with both prefixes and suffixes.


Ërun Rymeth, with wide dialectal differences (so wide that many of the dialects are in fact mutually unintelligible), is spoken all over the Rymeth Empire, which occupies approximately the southern one-third of the whole continent. Besides this, the sheer size and cultural weight of the Empire also makes the language the lingua franca of the whole continent, such that even the Seraineth, who have for past millenia been frequently at odds with the Empire, make use of this language in commerce and trade.