Voiceless alveolar lateral affricate

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Pulmonic Consonant
IPA: t͡ɬ or
X-SAMPA: t_l_K or t_K or tK
Kirshenbaum: t<lat>s<lat>
Place of Articulation: Alveolar
Manner of Articulation: Lateral affricate
Phonological features: [+consonantal]
[+delayed release]

The lateral alveolar affricate is found in few natlangs. It consists of followed by ɬ, and it is the lateral equivalent of t͡s.

Lateral alveolar affricates in natlangs


Plain tl atlatl /atɬatɬ/

Lateral alveolar affricates in conlangs


Plain (tlh)  (butlh) /butɬ/