Viralliset lisäkanjit

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Viralliset lisäkanjit (府あっり小え()加あぇ漢字(), literally "additional official kanji") is a list of kanji that can be found among jōyō kanji, but which have been removed from the corresponding yleiskanjit.

The column readings lists the readings; usually fun'yomi, Finnish reading. When a reading is followed by a hyphen, it means that this reading does not make a whole word without okurigana, kana that defines inflectional or derivational endings. Readings preceded by a hyphen denote suffixes.

Japanese readings, on'yomi (based on Chinese) and kun'yomi (natively Japanese) are marked with the superscript letters o and k respectively. Unmarked readings are fun'yomi.

Capital A, O, U stand for vowels that vary according to vowel harmony. A stands for a or ä, O for o or ö, and U for u or ö. For example 人 -lA- is -la- in すおま人的 suomalainen (Finn), but -lä- in べなぇ人的 venäläinen (Russian), due to suomalainen being a front harmony word and venäläinen being a back harmony word.

The column substitute shows an alternative and more common way of writing the example word in question.

Kyōiku kanji removed from peruskanjit

This section contains kanji that are found in the Japanese kyōiku kanji list but not in the corresponding peruskanjit.

# Kanji Meaning Readings Example words Substitute
23 early aika- 早的いん aikaisin - early いか的いん
64 town -chōo きたやま町 Kitayama-chō - Kitayama town
93 blender miks- 交エ物 mikseri - blender; mixing console ()セリ゛
154 capital pääkaupun- 京き pääkaupunki - capital
217 midday keskipäiv- 午あぇ keskipäivä - midday あぇ
225 company yhtiö 社 yhtiö - company ちおぇ
242 world maailm- 世あ maailma - world
245 board astu- 乗あ astua - to board
Astua means to step, but this kanji is only used in the context of getting on a vehicle.
416 return palaut- 返た~ palauttaa - to return something あうった~
424 (see

and )
metropolis suurkaupun- 都き suurkaupunki - metropolis
630 relate liit- 関つぇあぇ liittyä - to join; to relate to someone
This kanji is not used for liittää (to attach) and words derived thereof, other than liittyä and its derivations.
652 individual yksilö 個 yksilö - individual (N.) ろぇ
786 establish perust- 設あ~ perustaa - to establish; to found
This kanji is only used for the verb perustaa and its derivations, not the noun perus (foundation).

Jōyō kanji removed from yleiskanjit

This section contains kanji found in the Japanese jōyō kanji list (excluding the kyōiku subset) but not in the corresponding yleiskanjit. The kanji have been ordered according to Kangxi radicals and stroke count.

Radical 61 心 (忄, ⺗)

Number of strokes (total) Kanji Meaning Readings Example words Substitute
6 busy kiire This kanji is not used in the verb kiirehtiä (to hurry) nor in words derived thereof.
忙 kiire - hurry
忙的 kiireinen - busy