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soa Sfahe
Spoken in: Verduria
Timeline/Universe: Almea
Total speakers: c. 27 million
Genealogical classification: Eastern
Basic word order: SVO
Morphological type: fusional
Morphosyntactic alignment: accusative
Created by:
Mark Rosenfelder 1978-

Verdurian is one of several diachronic naturalistic conlangs invented by Mark Rosenfelder. It is a member of the Cadhinorian branch of the Eastern family of Almea and the national language of Verduria and several neighbouring countries.

Verdurian is the language of Verduria, the most economically advanced state on Almea, and several smaller nations, and thus an important international language of that world. Typologically, like most languages of the Eastern family, it is similar to Indo-European languages of our world.

Verdurian is a descendant of Cadhinor, the language of the ancient Cadhinorian Empire.

Verdurian was given a Smiley Award by David J. Peterson in 2020.

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