Velopharyngeal fricative

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Pulmonic Consonant
IPA: ʩ
Place of Articulation: Velopharyngeal
Manner of Articulation: Fricative

A velopharyngeal fricative is a snore- or snort-like phone articulated in an unusual way: by constricting the nasal passage with incomplete closure of the velum. As such, it is inherently nasalized. The sound's extIPA symbol - a digraph of f and ŋ - suggests the stereotypical articulation to be voiceless and with a velar closure as the oral part, but velopharyngeal friction can be combined with any phonation and buccal stop. A possible way to transcribe other variants may be appending a lowering diacritic to a nasal consonant: [m̞], [n̞] etc.

The sound is not used phonemically in any natlang (it is however a possible speech defect) nor in any known conlang in active development.

Contrast with other classes of nasal fricativs, the nareal fricatives (constricted at the nostrils) and nasalized fricatives (constricted orally).

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