Velarized alveolar lateral approximant

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Pulmonic Consonant
X-SAMPA: l_G or 5
Kirshenbaum: l<vzd>
Place of Articulation: Alveolar (Velar)
Manner of Articulation: Lateral Approximant
Phonological features: [+consonantal]
[+delayed release]

The velarized lateral alveolar approximant is an 'l', pronounced with the tongue raised towards the velum. It is commonly an allophone of /l/. It is also called dark l, or in Latin studies l pinguis ‘fat l’.

Velarized lateral alveolar approximants in natlangs


Voiced l full /fʊl/ [fʊɫ]


Voiced l volo /wolo:/ [ˈwɔɫoː]
  • [ɫ] appeared in Latin before any vowel but /i(ː)/, before any consonant but /l/, and word-finally. It was more velarized before consonants than vowels.

Velarized lateral alveolar approximants in conlangs


Voiced ł łak (ɫak)
Voiced Geminated łł
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