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1) What names should I use to differentiate between the syllables of the radical and the syllables of the surface form? 2) Should I rename genitive prepositional construct something with 'relative' in it? It does resemble a relative.

Hello Again from Ill Bethisad!

Hey, Mr. Miles! You may not remember me, it's been about eight or nine years now, but we used to correspond over at Yahoo Conculture and Ill Bethisad's wiki. Recently, after taking some years off, I've gotten back into it recently. I actually studied North Africa quite a bit in college, so now the region's become a passion of mine. I've been thinking about my domain, Greece,and its relationship with your country, Libya. I have a thousand ideas, and I'd love to flesh out not only my country, but ask if you'd be interested in coming back and fleshing out your country, too. Would you consider it? Now that Gaddafi is gone in our world, did you have any contigency plan for IB to mirror what happened in our world, or do you see him staying in power because IB had no equivalent of the Arab Spring? I personally think it's inevitable: maybe not in 2011, but still inevitable nevertheless. I also have a million questions about the demographics and culture of Cyrene, from what percentage of it is Arab(ized Berber), Berber, Cyrenean, & Black Greek, to what the vestments of the Apollinarian clergy look like (I assume like our world's Coptic Orthodox but not necessarily the same). If you're available to talk sometime, my email is [email protected] P.S. A decent amount of us are on a Facebook group explicitly for Ill Bethisad. It's a very easy way for us to keep in contact. Do you have a Facebook group, & if so, would you be interested in joining? Thanks, Misterxeight (talk) 20:18, 19 March 2017 (PDT)

You're the one with the country between Albania and Greece, right? I'd be glad to return to IB, but I'd need to familiarize myself with what has happened in the region, as well as rereading my own material. I'm afraid that I had not considered much about these things. I'll look into clerical vestments. Please send me an invite to the FB group. Is there still an IB wiki I could consult? -LinguarumMagister

Ah, no, that'd be Kyrmse on the wiki, I'm the caretaker of Greece. That's great to hear! I can tell you confidently that nothing's happened to Libya since you've been inactive, nor really to the Middle East/North Africa region. Really everyone kind of went into hibernation after around '09, myself included. The only thing to happen in Libya was that I edited it yesterday because I saw that the Senussi were mentioned to be a Wahhabi-Sufi order and Libya's population was listed as being 108 million people, and I felt really bad about those edits.

The vestments was just an example, but I'd personally love to know more about what you think the Cyrenean culture looks like, especially because I'd bet big money that the major cities of Greece have Cyrenean and Black Greek immigrants.

The frathwiki is absolutely still active, yes. Here's a link to Libya: The Facebook group is open, so you can just join without someone needing to approve you: