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Alternate account of User:Soap. Edits from both mobile and PC. This was originally intended to be a third account but I ended up using it as my primary account when I got a new PC. Now I use this one and Soap about equally.

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Remember the orphaned writeup at Poswob culture and sociolinguistics. An older version of the page available here could be repurposed for Moonshine.

Where did Khulls come from?

  1. Leapers retained gold & spread it through Nama and Halasala. Means Halasala is an exonym.
  2. crystals retained gold as filter took over. Implies they were pushed out of lobexon early
  3. nama itself generated Khulls

Note that if Paba is Aboa, this means the Swamp Kids lost Paba at somepoint during their war and that Paba supported Dreamland. This may mean that it retained a stronghold of the Play party.

Late in the Paba article, it says that Pabaps settled Fox Island around 2700. This would mean that yet another Macro-Pabap language would be found there; however, they likely did not conquer the entire island.

Moonshine Ethnographical Questionnaire


that the decoy party would be effectively a new slave party whose preexisting members would have no voice in