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Hi! I'm Daniel. I'm a highschool student who likes programming and conlanging. There isn't really that much else to say about me that anyone else would care about. :)

Well, it says I need 50 words, so here are a few of my favorite English words: autocephalous omphaloskepsis potato quidity quincunx

Apparently, this is still not enough text.

My conlangs, in chronological order:

Vimium - in 9th grade, with a friend. in retrospect, absurdly regular in nearly every respect

Homo Erectian - I was assigned to write a paper for Anthropology about a day in the life a Homo Erectus, so I wrote it as a translation of an interview and included the original text

kay(f)bop(t) - just completed this morning (02015-12-29), an attempt to cram as many things from Bad Conlanging Ideas as possible into 1 language (final count: 46)

Lelmadaimo - my current project, an attempt to assign meaning to the surprisingly consistent nonsense songs I sing at the bus stop