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S.C. Anderson

Sean Anderson and Ray Davies, of The Kinks, in Nottingham, 2007

I first noticed this wiki last year, looking for a place that would host my conlang's grammar. FrathWiki was a very opportune find; it's accessible, familiar and the administrator Muke pays a lot of attention to it. Another great thing is being able to host one's conlang among thousands of other pages, being part of a community. In early 2008, my thoughts began to drift from my personal project in an endeavour to make that community great. I sketched out designs for a new concise, vibrant Main Page to replace what I felt to be an outdated layout (in use from 2003!).

I'm 16 years old with a conlang called West Germanic, née Piscean, studying English, French, German and 20th Century History at The Rutland College, in England's smallest county with Europe's largest reservoir. FrathWiki, alongside Kinks fan fora (yes, they are my favourite band), is one of my favourite websites. As well as using it for uploading information regarding my efforts, I love reading others' articles. As a result of this, I want to make FrathWiki community-friendly. I feel very passionate; now with lots of experience, I want the best for all condoers and will happily dedicate some of my time to help those who want it.