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Hello, I'm Nicholas, creating languages since 1998~1999 from Buenos Aires, Argentina. First inspirations at that time came from learning English, French and some notions of Greek terminology and Latin (very vague). Later on other influences were Tolkien's Elvish languages, Old English, Old Norse among others. Some languages I've studied to a higher degree include English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Croatian. Also I've studied Classical Languages at the university (Latin, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit) and some Ancient languages like Sumerian and Akkadian.

I'm more into a priori naturalistic languages, but I've dabbled in a posteriori too, and of course, some experiments too!

Check my more complete Linguifex Userpage


Commissioned conlangs

  • Bamzooki
  • Aklo
  • Djinn language
  • Atilanan

Cramarian project

I've been involved in the Cramarian project with some fellow conlangers from which I spawned several daughter conlangs from a randomly generated Proto-language.

  • (from Proto-Cramarian)

See also

  • My conlanging musings blog: Katanik


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