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Spoken in: Teonea
Timeline/Universe: *here* ... or perhaps *elsewhere*
Total speakers: unspecified
Genealogical classification: Artistic conlang drawing inspiration from IE
Basic word order: OSV
Morphological type: inflecting
Created by:
Sally Caves 1962

Teonaht (/teɪ.oʊnɑːθ/) is a constructed language that has been developed since 1962 by science fiction writer and University of Rochester English professor Sarah Higley, under the pseudonym of Sally Caves. It is spoken in the fantasy setting of the Teonim, a race of hexadactyl humans who have a cultural history of worshiping catlike deities.

Teonaht has several interesting features: an Object Subject Verb (OSV) word order; the end of a sentence is the place of greatest emphasis, as what is mentioned last is uppermost in the mind; and the "Law of Detachment" whereby suffixes can be moved to the beginnings of words for emphasis and even attach onto other words such as pronouns.

Teonaht is the winner of the 2007 Smiley Award.

Text Samples

Lis Teuim ilid Teonim (Gods of the Teonim)

Teuimast Ninnarnok. VEKWIMYST
Li teuimast revbom hadha, li voluast, li teuimast volwenle uehharihs. Aibba rin uehar õn ebra: cel yllefõtin ilid Vekwimyst omly ban mantely e volwenle ev norrena. Uehar revbom lorraitma pom karyts, fandiwyf, mendohtar, ofikya, rindam õn ebra lisuarly rittadma ev Vekwimyst. Uopuast revbom venlindra la plevvysta lyddey, send revbom uen la lindra ev bade uo venuodale, dam Vekwimyst lindra, le teuimast ninnarnok. La eldrimedin: Tesa, Yllefmo, Fõm hlehtt, Plebua.

The goddess of forms: VEKWIMYST.
The creating goddess, the crone, the goddess of womanly old age. A woman is said to be in the embrace of Vekwimyst when she reaches old age with dignity. A woman who pursues a life of charity, artistry, learning, and professional work is said to have been painted by Vekwimyst. A queen who leads her people well and allows experience and good judgment to guide her is led by Vekwimyst, the Goddess of Forms. Her angels are City, Harbor, Hearth, and Word.

Tyzwyan Nivvroky lavvor

Aibban esy uen:
Mim mohs imddegrim.
Mim minika inhsara dmelassryka
Mim eskamohs imfetlin meneht tritib.
Mim minika imhhsakra.
Mim minika imkkõmin.
Frem vroky mohsa.
Frem vrokylaz mohsa.
Mim minika mimmahstaf ilika.

Aibba esy dey:
Ta nirrilbet il nivvroky,
nivvrokylaz-jo esy cyka.
Cel deygrin aibban esy o myeht kwecy.
Il mim imelassryka esy plosa
uo il noyril, kõmin, mennhtin,
mimmahstaf; uo il mim minikam memwa,
uo esy hterme mahom, uo il rekod esy hered.
Poto euil nikkably esy vergo
kwe tembro uan nivvrokylaz myeht.

Tart Coin Carrots

These you will take:
A large some of butter.
A small some of lemon juice.
A medium some of mint leaves, shredded.
A small some of salt.
A small some of cumin. Four large carrots.
Four large parsnips.
A small some of yellow raisins.

This you will do:
Into coins the carrots,
and the parsnips you will cut.
In melted butter these you will gently cook.
The some of lemon juice you will add
and the salt, cumin, mint,
and raisins, and a smallsome of water,
And taste again and you will cover the pot.
Deliver to the table
when soft the parsnips.

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