Teeverb Kuluxem

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Teeverb Kuluxem

Teeverb kuluxem is a simple Conlang created to give a secondary language to people that do not have the time to learn a Natlag. Teeverb Kuluxem (Or Verbalux in English) is based some what on Latin but is easy enough to learn in an hour or two. With only 6 inflections for verbs and 6 Inflections for Nouns, memorizing the cases is a breeze. There are also no tense indicators inside of verbs but rather by Tense Indicators - ("Pa" or "Fa") at the beginning of the thought. One thing that makes Teeverb Kuluxem unique and simple to understand is that the inflections are placed at the beginning of the word, and the roots never change! So if you want a simple to learn Conlang that has an ever expanding vocabulary, learn Teeverb Kuluxem!

Grammatical Structure

In Verbalux Sentences are made of one or more clauses. The verb structure is: Subject -- Adjective -- Verb -- Adverb --- Object -- Adjective. Verbalux follows a generally romantic style and much of it's vocabulary comes from Spanish and Latin.

Noun Inflections

  • Singular Object: Tu
  • Singular Genetive: Ku
  • Singular Preposition: Shu
  • Plural Object: Tee
  • Plural Genetive: Kee
  • Plural Preposition: Shee


Singular Object: Tukanis The Dog.

Singular Genitive: Kukanis Of the Dog.

Singular Preposition: Nio Shukuf In the House.

Plural Object: Teekanis The Dogs.

Plural Genitive: Keekanis Of the Dogs.

Plural Preposition: Nio Sheekuf In the Houses

Verb Inflection

  • Singular 1st Person: Ot
  • Singular 2nd Person: Ub
  • Singular 3rd Person: Ech
  • Plural 1st Person: Ok
  • Plural 2nd Person: Ud
  • Plural 3rd Person: Esh


Singular 1st Person: Otadda I go.

Singular 2nd Person: Ubadda You go.

Singular 3rd Person: Echvan He goes.

Plural 1st Person: Okvan We go.

Plural 2nd Person: Udvan You all go.

Plural 3rd Person: Eshvan They go.

Other parts of Speech


Conjunctions are placed very much like in English and have no effect on the surrounding word's inflections.

The Oblique Words

Verbalux has a part of speech called the oblique part. This is because the words in this section belong to no other section and also have no inflections. Words in this sections are words such as "What" "Who" "How many" etc.

The Current Dictionary and Complete Grammar

This is the current dictionary for Teeverb Kuluxem, however, it is being ever updated. If you have any specific words you would wish to be added please send me a private message. File:VL Dictionary May15.pdf

This is the complete grammar that teaches you Teeverb Kuluxem. File:VL Grammar.pdf