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Tanrian ( pronounced /tæn'riɘn/) is an ongoing conlang project co-created by Owen Fish and @rozadavia during 2009. Tanrian is spoken on the fictional island of Tanriere which is located in the Mediterranean between Spain's Balearic Islands and Sardinia. As such, Tanrian is a romance language which borrows heavily from all the surrounding romance languages with a curious admixture of Romanian for historical reasons. Tanrian also has several native words which cannot be attested to other romance languages.

Translations & Texts

Dialogue Examples

Emile Valdez is meeting a new work colleague, Mrs. Alonso, for the first time in the company lobby:

Segnor Valdez: Salut! Hello!
Segnora Alonso: Bon maten! Good morning!
Segnor Valdez: Scuza-me! Çe esta vostra nomen? Excuse me! What is your name?
Segnora Alonso: Me çiamo Marianã. E voi? Çe esta vostra nomen? My name is Marianã. And you? What is your name?
Segnor Valdez: Me çiamo Emile. Me plaça voi conecere! My name is Emile. I'm pleased to meet you!
Segnora Alonso: E voi tamen. Trabalezi aiç, hã? And you also. So, you work here, right?
Segnor Valdez: Ci! Meu bureau esta sur il treiã etage! Yes! My office is on the third floor!
Segnora Alonso: Trabalero cu segnor Marazino. Lui conecezi? I will be working with Mr. Marazino. Do you know him?
Segnor Valdez: Il veritã? Ci, le estas tamen meu managetõr! Really? Yes, he's also my boss!
Segnora Alonso: Aah, interesante. Apõi trabalerem iunto! Aah, interesting. Then we will be working together!
Segnor Valdez: Ci! Quel me plaçara! Yes! I will like that!
Segnora Alonso: Perõ, devo andare. Tã revidere! However, I must go. Goodbye!
Segnor Valdez: Tã revidere! Goodbye!

Lena & Kate are having lunch in town:

Waitress: Salut! Çe quererõzi avare? Hello! What would you like to have?
Lena: Hola! Çe avazi? Hello! What do you have?
Waitress: Li especialitates de hodia estaş "frito de mare" e "sanduiç de pãie". Today's specials are "seafood stirfry" and "Sanduiç de Pãie"
Kate: "sanduiç de pãie"? Çe estas? "Sanduiç de Pãie?" What is that?
Waitress: Esta sanduiç cu lardon, latuca e tomato. It is a sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Kate: Oh! Quel sona lecca! Lui ãro! Oh! Sounds yummy! I'll have that!
Lena: Çe avazi por supas? What do you have in the way of soup?
Waitress: Hodia aunt supa de puie, o supa de legumas. Today we have chicken soup or vegetable soup.
Lena: Quererõ avare un taza del supa de puie, çu voi plaça -- e pan tamen! I would like a bowl of chicken soup please -- and also bread!
Waitress: Certamente! Ez oariãre para bebere? Certainly! And something to drink?
Lena: Ci. Un taza de pai por me, çu voi plaça. Yes, a glass of water for me, please.
Kate: E çai cu lemai por me. Graci! And a lemon-tea for me. Thanks!
Waitress: Acumzinã! Coming right out!