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Articles [S>N]

  • de definite singular article
  • go definite plural article
  • so indefinite singular article
  • ve indefinite plural article

Postpositions [N>A]

  • ko accusative
  • ze possessive, genitive

Verbs [A…A>S]

  • beetu be a garden
  • booru drown (intrans.)
  • cainu be mustard
  • cecca be a soldier
  • ceeza be an army
  • cooqi be silent
  • cuuku be a wife
  • daubu be an organ (of body)
  • deela be an enemy
  • gooma be an referee, umpire
  • haiga be a movie
  • hauka be a curtain
  • kaidu be a worker
  • kauna be a populace
  • kooba be a jacket
  • kossa be a jewel
  • kuubu be a slave
  • luudi be a goat
  • luuli be a pan, frying pan
  • mennu be a name
  • moogi be an ant
  • motti be an egg
  • naapa be cotton
  • nauzu be original
  • paumu be a person
  • pauqa be a sign (as in a streetsign or public notice)
  • qassi have
  • qeetu be a mirror
  • qocci be a beard
  • raalu be an arrow
  • raazu criticise
  • raucu be wealthy, rich
  • riigu be a scale (as in measuring device)
  • sombi run
  • tiicu be a pig
  • tuuza be a helmet