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Everyday lexycon & phraseology

These are some examples of everyday sentences and question in Nytal:

  • Kredi fols: Good morning
  • Ahriyd fols: Good afternoon
  • Njosi fols: Good evening
  • Klidir fols: Good night
  • Na'saj: Hello, Hi (from Ni a'saj: I greet)
  • Puhlen: Thank you
  • Norjein: You're welcome, Please (from Ni a'orjein: I pray)

  • Gek ok a'noym?: What's your name?
  • Ni a'noym...: My name is...
  • Gek šak ad'jo?: How are you (lit. How is (your) life?)
  • Klo fols: Good
  • Vsi ad'jo klo fols: All is good
  • Tyka le gad ad'jo er ok?: How old are you? (lit. How many years are to you?)
  • Do'din le gad ad'jo er ni!: I'm 20 years old! (lit. 20 years are to me)
  • Ni a'tuja ok: I like you
  • Ni a'ljek ok: I love you

Le ahryd yd ejkahrd

Nytal names for Solar System planets
  • arahriyd: monday
  • lojtarhiyd: tuesday
  • vejyrarhiyd: wednesday
  • pomararhiyd: thursday
  • kjenimahriyd: friday
  • šišitahriyd: saturday
  • lysahriyd: sunday

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Article 1:

Le sok vsi a'co vrij a tecej ju kyšyl a le yrkej si la. Si la ad'ejen uym a visrinj a si la a'blinj li si la ad'ake vis le sok ijls ju ka yd jajanost.


[PLUR]person all [PRES]be-born free and equal in dignity and [PLUR]right-he[PLUR]. He[PLUR] [PRES]have reason and conscience and he[PLUR] [PRES]must that he[PLUR]act with [PLUR]person other in spirit of brotherhood


All people are born free and equal in dignity and their rights. They have the reason and the conscience and they must act with other people in a spirit of brotherhood.

English original version:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.