Siye Thematic Vocabulary

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Thematic Vocabulary



kewim - lion


ola - eagle

oya - eagle

tupe - bird (mated)

tupi - bird (general or flocking)

tupu - bird (solitary)

usu, usuko - Tharsis scrub chicken


nene - bug, insect

uyake - flea

uyape - lizard

uyapi - termites

uyapo - worm


uku - fish



laye - woman; female

leya - man; male

sukimayam - traveler

susumsuyam - messenger

um - person


laye lu - mother

layeke - girl; sister

leya lu - father

leyake - boy; brother

nusu - sibling

nusu laye - sister

nusu leya - brother


kiwa - red

kupi - blue, green

nelo - black, dark

tuki - white, light

waki - yellow

yoka - color


Celestial Names

Anosu - the lost third moon of Mars, possibly mythical

Kawola - Cavora, the system of tidal tubes within the Moon

Kiwa - Mars

lu Atamme - Earth; Adam's land

Luna - Earth's Moon (Eng.)

Nini - Phobos

Pelusitom - Belu-Sidon, the Inner World inside the Earth

Seni - Deimos

Winu - Venus (Eng.)

Celestial Bodies

lulumke - starlands, the rest of the Solar System outside Mars

lu tupi lukeme - spaceport

luke - world, planet

lum - moon

lumke - star

lumkenum - starlands, flatlands, land where the Mountain does not obstruct the view of the sky

Town Names

Item - a city in the Valley, renowned for learning

Kilu - town name

Lusili - the City, the capital of the Valley

Nesa - the Kingdom of Nesa, on the Mountain

Silu - a vlllage, once a mighty fortress-city that controlled river traffic

Simakim - the lands wherever proper Siye is spoken

Tapaya - a city in the Valley ( < Tasi word Dapaya(y))

Wili - a city in the valley ( < local dialect Biri)


kelim - peninsula

lem - island

lemi - group of islands

lemu - island, solitary island

lempe - island with tidal channel dividing it in two

lempi - group of islands

lempu - island, solitary island

lenu - submerged island

lim - island

lu (2) - submerged island


lemto - eddy

leno - eddy

imponum - dunelands

sakike - pond

sakikemhu - river

sakipo - lake, sea

tolim - clear stretch of river

Natural Land Features

kikanum - gentle sloping terrain, not quite flat

lu - place

lukika - the exposed bottom of a marsh or lakebed - not quite flat

lunum - region

lupate - mountain, highlands

lupuka - channel-lands created by riverine erosion

pomi - the Sun, day, daytime

pominum - desert, shadeless land

pukanum - chaos terrain, terrain shaped more by wind erosion than water

silunum - pale, guarded land

simate - canyon

upepo - 'forest' (Mars' forests are more like thick scrub)

upenum - fertile land (esp. when in bloom)

yetamhi - quarry

yetanum - stony, infertile region

Manmade Features

lumsa - foreign land or region

luno - luno-temple

lupe - garden

lupomi - the East

lusili - city

lusilike - town

lusilikenum - rustic environment (not wilderness)

lusilinum - urban environment

luyetam - stony plot, building lot

sili - house

sili nukepu - tower

silim - shiling-temple

silinum - house plot

silu - fortress


akaso - electrum (aka-so refers to a mixture of two metals or substances - without further specification, it means electrum)

eyemo - mercury

nako - iron

nomno - lead

sima - iron ore (< Ulok *sima 'iron')

sumo - tin

uyam - silver

wako - gold

wamo - bronze

yono - copper

yunima - carbon, coal

Derivative Nominal Suffixes

-e - place-name

-hi, -0 - resource location

-ka - patient (non-productive)

-nam - place name (non-productive)

-ni - tool suffix (soni 'sledgehammer')

-nim. -(y)im - place name

-nu, -lu - resource location

-nu, -(y)u - commercial (name, neighborhood)

-num, -(y)um - ethnic (name, neighborhood)

-sa - agent (non-productive)