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Rasula is a nation inhabited by a species of crab known as the liui (also liwi, ribi, wiwi, lìʕʷi, etc). (hereafter just "crab") Rasula is mostly ocean, but has some territory on land because Paba long ago granted them a piece of land where they could crawl onto when they needed to communicate with humans.

On Earth people love to eat crabs. On Teppala crabs love to eat humans. These crabs are much larger and stronger than humans, and even the best armed human soldiers generally cannot penetrate the exoskeleton of a crab. But they, for the most part, have lives of their own and do not see the human world above them as simply an all-you-can-eat buffet of the world's choicest meat. For most of their history, Rasula stood as one nation, with no divisions, meaning that there was never a war in which crabs fought other crabs. Rasula did fight wars, but only when they had decided to take a side in an otherwise human war. For example, Warar-Ampu fought a war against a much larger nation called Tata, and at first they lost almost every battle, and Rasula joined Tata's side in this war, but later on, Warar-Ampu managed to win over the support of the crabs and they ended up winning the war and enslaving all of Tata.