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Rabbits on planet Teppala are a powerful species complex living mostly in the Poswob Empire (Pusapom). In some areas they have even eliminated humans from their territory. In others they coexist happily.

See lamuan languages.

The Rabbits have only one nation, Lafólath, although there are more rabbits outside this nation (mostly living i human nations) than inside it. Lafólath's capital is Blop, the same as the capital of Pusapom. Foir most of recent history, the rabbits have been moving west, digging up new settlements as they go. They want to move the capital to Lypelpyp because they hear it is a rich and safe place to live, but they do not have an easy route to get from their main homeland to Lypelpyp. There are rabbits in Lypelpyp, but they are not connected to Lafólath even symbolically.