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This article is one of many about Qatama
Qatama in Moj

This is the Qatama dictionary.

  • Abbreviations used:
  • n. - noun
  • adj. - adjective
  • adv. - adverb
  • det. - determiner
  • part. - particle
  • conj. - conjunction
  • pron. - pronoun
  • adp. - adposition
  • num. - number
  • art. - article
  • inter. - interjection


Moj cs.GIF


  • qa -- interrogative part.
always occurs at the end of a interrogative statement
  • qatama -- n. the people of Qatama | adj. (abstract) timeless, universal
  • qada -- n. a military unit of approximately 20,000 warriors
  • qam -- n. din, bang, boom, loud noise; a cacophony or loud commotion
  • qan -- n. lord, noble, chief | a noble or man of rank in various positions of power within the Qatama Empire
  • qahaj -- n. faith, bellief | v. believe, have faith
  • qaj -- n. an ethical code that is prevalent in Qatama culture that promotes unquestioning loyalty to the ancient ways at all costs and obedience in all deeds, valuing honor above life
  • qal -- n. building, edifice, closed structure with walls and a roof | v. to build, construct, act or process of building
  • qo Moj q.GIF-- n. the sound /q/ or [X], the first grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • qom -- n. age of maturity, ceremony to celebrate age of maturity
  • qu -- n. wall, barrier, border
  • qung -- n. phoneme, indivisible unit of sound in language, sound, noise
  • q`ta -- n. The fundamental life-force or energy | nature
  • q`tan -- n. a military unit of between 100 and 500 warriors
  • q`toj -- n. "Lord Warrior", the highest rank in the warrior class
  • q`dom -- n. a military unit of approximately 5,000 warriors
  • q`ma -- n. army | large, highly organized military force concerned mainly with ground operations


  • kya -- part. positive imperative marker
kya naj al tamu mua -- Go towards the house.
  • ka -- n. stillness, motionlessness, non-movement
  • kang -- n. adult male, man, male partner in marriage, mate, husband
  • kangha -- n. father
  • kangla -- n. uncle (any male adult of relation that is not ones father)
  • kangra -- n. grandfather (any male elder of relation that is not ones father)
  • ko Moj k.GIF-- n. the sound /k/, the second grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence | adj./adv. fast, quick, quickly, rapid
  • koga -- n. / adj. red, having red as its colour
  • koto -- n. a drum or a performance of several drummers in an ensemble | v. drum, perform with a drum
  • kotoq -- n. tempo or speed of a beat, song, or repeated event | n. variation of the duration of sounds over time; a beat or meter | n. flow, repetition or regularity
  • komuga -- n. / adj. purple, a color that is a dark blend of red and blue
  • konaga -- n. / adj. orange, color between red and yellow
  • koyuga -- n. / adj. pink, pale red color
  • kumna -- n. fee, charge, rate
  • kumaq -- n. the day after the present day, tomorrow
  • kura -- v. have, possess, hold
  • kurayu -- v. save, collect, gather


  • gya -- part. imperitive "Give!"
Used specifically when demading an object/item.
  • ga -- pron. 2nd person singular; you
  • gaq -- n. food, sustenance | v. to eat, consume, take in | adj. edible
  • gaqla -- v. to not be hungry | adj. inedible
  • gaqra -- n. bread | v. to bake
  • gaj -- pron. 2nd person plural; you (all)
  • gahan -- pron. 2nd person singular/plural (formal); you (all)
  • gaya -- v. to give, donate, bequeath
  • gayam -- n. gift, donation
  • go Moj g.GIF-- n. the sound /g/ or [G\], the third grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • goq -- n. barrel, bucket, cannister, can
  • goku -- n. (academic) student, learner, school age child
  • gom -- n. land, ground, earth, dirt, soil
  • gomoq -- n. tundra | adj. frozen (ground)
  • gomoku -- n. snow, ice, frozen water | v. to snow, hail
  • gomugra -- v. get dirty | adj. foul, dirty
  • guq -- n. civility, politeness | v. be civil, polite
  • guqra -- inter. thank you | v. to thank, appreciate, show gratitude
  • gumu -- n. boat, ship, vessel, water-bound craft
  • gumujra -- n. sailing, navigation | v. sail, navigate
  • guj -- n. fluid, liquid | adj. fluidic
  • gujla -- n. dryness, drought | adj. dry, barren, (colloquial) thirsty
  • gujra -- n. lake, river, pond | v. flow (as a river)
  • guja -- n. water | adj. wet
  • gula -- n. wine, alcoholic beverage made by fermenting juice of fruits or vegetables other than grapes
  • g`mul -- n. noon, midday, when the sun is at the highest point in the sky


  • ta -- pron. 1st person singular; I, me
  • taka -- pron. 1st person plural (inclusive); we, us
  • taga -- n. tea/coffee | v. to drink tea/coffee
Any drink made by infusing parts of various plants.
  • tama -- adj./adv. good, well, fine, favorable
  • tamaja -- 'all is well, peace', a common response to being greeted
  • tan Moj tan.GIF-- num. hundred
  • taja -- n. brother, male sibling, male cousin | member of a fraternal organiztion
  • ta`aq -- pron. 1st person plural (exclusive); we, us
  • to Moj to.GIF-- num. two | Moj t.GIF n. the sound /t/ , the fourth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • toq -- n. ability, potential | v. be able
  • toqla -- n. inability, lack of skill | v. be unable
  • tong Moj tong.GIF-- num. eight
  • tojla -- n. a traditional sword worn by the warrior class and nobility


  • tla -- n. sky, air, oxygen | adj. lofty, idealistic
  • tlaq -- n. language, dialect, utterance | v. dictate
  • tlaga -- n./adj. gray/grey; an achromatic colour
  • tla`a Moj tl.GIF-- n. the sound /tK/ or [tl], the fifth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence | n. swine, pig, pork


  • da -- n. encampment, camp, fort | v. camp, set up camp
  • daq -- n. mountain, peak, crest
  • daqla -- n. valley, area that is lower than its surroundings
  • daqra -- n. rigde, cliff | v. be uneasy, uncomfortable | adj. steep, drastic
  • do Moj do.GIF-- num. five | Moj d.GIF-- n. the sound /d/ or [D], the sixth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • d`haq -- n. hill, mound


  • myo -- n. small, domestic cat; member of the cat family Felidae
  • myoga -- n./adj. brown, having brown colour
  • myong -- n. lion, tiger, panther etc...large cat; member of the cat family Felidae
  • ma -- conj. and, too, also, as well
  • maq -- n. day, daylight, hours between dawn and sunset
  • maqla -- adv. never, at no time, no more, never again
  • mada -- v. come, return, come back, return to a place
  • man Moj man.GIF-- num. ten
  • manha -- n. method, manner
  • maj -- n. commander, chief, leader | v. lead, command
  • mo Moj mo.GIF-- num. three | adj. having to do with the heel of the foot | Moj m.GIF-- n. the sound /m/, the seventh grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • moq -- n. place, location | adj. locative
  • mon -- v. learn, acquire skills, be taught
  • mong -- v. know, be informed/aware of
  • monga -- v. think, ponder, conceive, be of an opinion
  • mongha -- v. understand, comprehend
  • mongla -- v. not understand, not comprehend, be confused (about), not know
  • mongra -- n. understanding, comprehension, complete knowledge of
  • moj -- n. writing, letter, glyph, grapheme | v. write, scribe, record
  • mo`oj -- n. calligraphy | adj. calligraphic
  • mu -- v. stop, wait, be patient | n. vertical components that form the sides of a door frame, window frame, or fireplace
  • muq -- v. be, exist, stand | n. existence, being | adj. true, valid
Rarely used in the copula sense when speaking.
  • muga -- n./adj. blue, blue-colored
  • mulal -- n. boredom | v. be bored; be boring
  • mua -- v. go, travel, move; move from a place to another that is further away


  • na -- pron. he, him; she, her; it, that; third-person singular, neuter
  • naq -- n. night, evening (hours)
  • naku -- n. / adv. now, yet, present
  • naga -- n. / adj. yellow, having yellow as its color
  • nada -- pron. he, him; third-person singular, masculine
  • nama -- n. / v. tobacco | to smoke
  • namuga -- n. / adj. having green as its color, green
  • nang -- n. / v. to need, require | something needed or necessary
  • naj -- adp. to, toward(s), at, in the direction of
  • naja -- n. wood | substance making up a tree | used as a material for construction, to manufacture various items, etc. or as fuel
  • naya -- pron. she, her; third person singular, feminine
  • nara -- pron. they, them; third person plural
  • no Moj no.GIF-- num. six | Moj n.GIF-- n. the sound /n/, the eighth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • noq Moj noq.GIF-- num. nine
  • nom -- n. chair, seat, place in which to sit
  • noj -- adp. with, together | in the company of
  • nura -- n. life, vitality | v. to live, exist


  • nga -- det. / adv. expressing negation | no, not
always appears at the beginning of the verb phrase
  • ngaq -- n. a year, a period encompassing all four seasons
  • ngan Moj ngan.GIF-- num. thousand
  • ngaj -- adp. away from, away, from the direction of
  • nga`ayu -- n. an introvert, solitary individual | v. to be, act for, focus on oneself | adj. preferring the internal, satisfied with self, lacking interest or comfort in social interactions
A contraction formed from nja (for, about) and ayu (self, reflective particle).
  • ngumja -- adj. the property of not existing for indefinitely long durations | n. impermanence
  • ngo Moj ng.GIF-- n. the sound /N/, the ninth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence


  • ja Moj j.GIF-- n. the sound /Z/, /tS/ or /dZ/, the tenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence


  • han -- n. Title of respect conferred on a man, with or without a name added, placed after the name.
  • hana -- n. Title of respect conferred on a woman, with or without a name added, placed after the name.
  • hu Moj h.GIF-- n. the sound /h/ or [H], the eleventh grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • huga -- adj. clear, bright


  • yu Moj y.GIF-- n. the sound /j/, the twelfth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • yunga -- n. carbuncle, sore, ulcer, abscess


  • la`a Moj l.GIF-- n. the sound /l/, the thirteenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence


  • ra`a Moj r.GIF-- n. the sound /r/ or [r\], the fourteenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • ru -- part. Indicating an agent, a person who makes or renders (adj.), does... (verb), or works with... (noun), commonly as part of his or her role or job


  • a Moj a.GIF-- n. the sound /a/ or [a:], the fifteenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • aq -- conj. or, either, other
  • aqla -- conj. nor neither, no other
  • aku -- n. verb, action word, occurrence | v. happen, occur, take place
  • aga -- n. color, pigment, hue | v. to color, paint
  • agaru -- n. multicolored bird
  • adaqra -- v. become wealthy, inherit
  • anyaga -- n./adj. fair skinned/haired person, blond
  • anaq -- n. head, brian, skull, cranium
  • anuq -- n. ear(s), side of head | v. hear, listen | adj. auditory
  • aj -- adp. of, from, belonging to or associated with
  • aya -- n. beauty, wonder, grace | adj. beautiful, gracious, wondrous
  • aru -- n. any animal characterized by being warm-blooded, having feathers and wings usually capable of flight, and laying eggs, bird | v. fly, be in flight


  • o Moj o.GIF-- n. the sound /o/ or [o:], the sixteenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence | art. honorific article used to show esteem or respect for the noun it points toward, it is both definite and indefinite
  • oq Moj oq.GIF-- num. seven
  • oqla -- n. theme, topic | adj. thematic, topical
  • oko Moj oko.GIF-- num. four
  • okota -- n. heart, muscular organ that pumps blood through the body
  • oga -- n./adj. black, absorbing all light, without light
  • ogo -- n. number | v. count, enumerate, number
  • om Moj om.GIF-- num. zero | pron. nothing, nothingness
  • omyoga -- n. slightly yellowish gray colour, as that of unbleached wool | adj. beige
  • omo -- n. tradition | adj. traditional | adv. traditionally
  • omoq -- n. emperor (can be translated as "keeper/protector of the tradition(s)")
  • on -- adj. dark, deep in colour
  • onha -- n. visual representation of an area, map, atlas
  • ong Moj ong.GIF-- num. one | adj. single, singular
  • oha -- adv. n. yes, answer that shows agreement or acceptance, vote of support | v. affirm, accept
  • oya -- inter. an exclamation to get attention | vocative


  • u Moj u.GIF-- n. the sound /u/ or [u:], the seventeenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence
  • uga -- n. / adj. white, bright, colorless
  • un -- adj. pale in color, light
  • ujul -- v. commit crime, offend greatly
  • uhugya -- v. reveal, disclose, tell a secret
  • ulana -- conj. as follows, like this, such as
  • ua -- n. movement, motion, wave, vibration


  • `mya Moj my.GIF-- n. a ligature for /mj/
  • `nja Moj nj.GIF-- n. a ligature for /nZ/
  • `lha Moj lh.GIF-- n. a ligature for /lh/
  • `a Moj a`a.GIF-- n. the sound /@/ or [V] (/?/ between vowels), the eighteenth grapheme in the Qatama collating sequence