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This poem was composed by Peraman, a Daine sawyer of Auntimoany upon watching a hawk soar above the fields outside the City on a hot summer morning in Sunswaxing. Although written by a Daine loremaster, the language itself is pure Teyoran, and the dialect once common to the realm of Onutumun. The Teyor of the land themselves have since gone away, but the Daine that once lived among remained in the land and are now the Daine of Auntimoany. They still sing and make poetry in the high tongue of their departed friends. A large number of Queranarran words are ultimately of Teyoran origin.

The Teyoran tongue is a language of beauty and its forms are not overly difficult to master, being neither harder nor easier than the speech of the Teleranians. Yet it is a tongue most difficult to master! For to master their tongue is to spend lifetime after lifetime of of the Younger Kindreds in gaining all the wisdom of stick and stone, star and stream and keeping that wisdom in the long memory of Elder folk. For when a Teyor speaks of the sea as raurumwollio, his word shall at once lead one to think he is speaking of the continuous rolling of the waves crashing upon the warth. And, indeed, raurum means a roaring, crashing sound, as of thunder or waves or even a rockslide in the hill country; and wowollio gives the sense of repetition, of doing a thing again & again. Yet however lovely and appropriate we might think such a word, for another Teyor, its meanings, its inmost senses, run much deeper. For the Elder Folk this single word contains not only the sound of the roaring waves but also the long memory of the Distant Sea as it was in the time of their youth far away and deep sorrow and longing for lands long ago washed away and drowned deep under those rolling, roaring waves and indeed the knowledge of the loss of kith and kin who have taken to ships and sailed away upon those waves to Donwareccwalhya, the Land Beyond the Sea which none may now attain and from which none return.

Indeed, it is the mastery of ages of memory and thought and feeling that makes the speech of the Teyor difficult, even for one of Daine kind who may study its lore for many many years!

Teyoran English
piario le dongwayos ngweliamme

tange e eng rungyo!
tange e eng nimmyo!

tamtamme, sursurme, anyam le sangsangme
eng tullivâ!
eng hardevâ!

gwelast i sayamang le swippim
gwelast i sayamang le ratatarayim
gwelast i sayamang le luopayim

melli e enya tal eng shurcuyos erzhangme
ta at enya tal tirio twecuiyyame!

The hawk soars above the field

sharp his talons!
sharp his teeth!

Waiting, biding, the time coming
he wheels!
he dives!

Woe and wathe the field mouse
woe and wathe the squirrel
woe and wathe the rabbit

All shudder in his shadow
and fly in fear!

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