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Pantos-dimou-glossa (All Peoples' Speech) was a mixed conlang created by Lucien Rudelle in 1868. Its roots draw from Greek, Latin, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. The language's grammar is replete with nominal and verbal forms: three nominal genders, five cases and a full verbal conjugation.

-e, -a and -o mark masc., fem. and neut. nouns: el eke, the stallion; al eka, the mare; ol eko, the horse (in general). -ci denotes nominal plural, -i denotes adjectival and article plurals: eli grandezi eckeci means the big stallions.

Potere-no konsolardzam Kalipsoa dol eksito did Ylise is construed as Calypso could not console herself for Ulysses's departure.

One Language for the World, 1968, Mario Pei; p. 159.

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