Oligosynthesis Project

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The Oligosynthesis Project is a collaborative experiment to create an oligosynthetic conlang. This language has a limited number of roots (400) all of which have a basic verbal meaning. To participate in the project, look at the roots, the phonology, the morphological rules and the syntax and then do one of the following

  1. Give a meaning to some of the words in the vocabulary
  2. Propose phonological processes
  3. Derive new forms of words using existing morphological rules.
  4. Propose a new morphological rule
  5. Propose syntactical rules
  6. Create Example Sentences
  7. Speculate on the concultural background

Some of these steps are dependent on enough people having contributed via the other steps.

There are two important don'ts

  1. Don't create new roots. This is the Oligosynthesis Project after all.
  2. Don't contradict previous contributions. If you want to do something that would change a previous contribution, raise the issue on the Talk Page first.